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00880, Helsinki
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Puhelin: (09) 773 3200
Faksi: (09) 773 3199
Internet: www.a-tekniikka.fi


Your worldwide partner in automatic studding

Some facts of our standard automatic
studding machine:

applicable for all normal car and van tyre sizes, Dia 530 to
800 mm, width 145 to 265 mm, minimum rim diameter
is 13 inch.

the assured production rate is below 60 sec./tyre with 110 studs per tyre

The change of tyre type (different rim size) takes less than
5 minutes.

the tyre change at the studding station is performed automatically with manual control

all the vital studding parameters are easily controllable by
the user

the machine construction is meant for high volume
production with minimum problems

over 80 (2006) units in use


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